One day when I came back to the home I found my daughter studying. I really want to tell you that my daughter is so hard working, she never missed her school for even a single day and do proper homework every day, and when I looked at her notebook I found a race car which was printed on the cover page of that book. It reminded me of some games which I used to play in childhood.

Nowadays I got so engaged in business that I couldn’t find any time for me and family, so I decided to play on some exotic online slots that night. I came to my room with a glass of drink and started searching for some events on the net. I found many apps those I could download so I downloaded a casino app which was giving me an opportunity to play on different pokies.

I opened that application and selected a game which was hot shot, I found that quit interesting by its name. Before playing that event I went through some reviews, tips and tricks so that I could make a big win. It was a five reel and nine payline poker machine which included some features inside it including baseball theme based symbols like home run, a batter, a pitcher and a strike symbol.

It included some special prize opportunities which can bring a lot of money up to 2000 dollars. I have played many contests before but found it very simple to understand and when I began to play, it ate my 3 hours. I won many prizes but not that big and by that money I went to Sydney Opera House with my family and if you love to play baseball then you must go through this one.